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Volunteers from Catholic Restorative Ministries sponsor two buses each year, one to the two women's prisons near Chowchilla around Mothers' Day and one to the men's facilities near Soledad around Fathers' Day.  


Volunteers have also assisted with the reception and support of families visiting Pelican Bay State Prison.


This marvelous opportunity to help reinforce pro-social values and relationships is entirely dependent upon volunteers and donors for its survival.  For more information, visit the Get on the Bus Website or contact us.  

Get on the Bus


Get On The Bus brings children and their caregivers from throughout the state of California to visit their mothers & fathers in prison.


An annual event, Get On The Bus offers free transportation for the children and their caregivers to the prison.

Each child is provided a travel bag, a photo with his or her parent, and meals for the day (breakfast, snacks, lunch at the prison, and dinner). On the trip home, a teddy bear with a letter from their parent and post-event counseling.


Get On The Bus is a program of The Center for Restorative Justice Works, a non profit organization that unites children, families and communities separated by crime and the criminal justice system.  



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