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Ministry to Those In State Institutions


With the support of the local parish communities in Crescent City, Catholic Restorative Justice Ministries (CRJM) presently provides support to the Chaplain and inmates of Pelican Bay State Prison at Crescent City California.  Ministry at Pelican Bay includes traditional Catholic Chapel liturgies, religious instruction and pastoral counseling to those in the general population and pastoral visitation and sacramental support of those in the Security Housing Unit (SHU), Administrative Segration, Psychiatric Services, and Enhanced Outpatient Units as well as those in the Minimum Support Facility, Firehouse and Infirmery.   


In the Spring of 2015, Victim Offender Education Groups will begin at Pelican Bay, sponsored by the Catholic Chaplain.  

(More about these groups.)


CRJM can, upon request, and with the assistance of local parishes, minister also to those in the six CDCR Conservation Camps in the Santa Rosa Diocese:  Alder (20 - Klamath, CA); High Rock (32 - Weott, CA); Eel River (31 - Redway, CA); Parlin Fork and Chamberline Creek (6 and 17 - Fort Bragg, CA) and Konocti (27 - Lower Lake, CA).  (See the reference map.)


CRJM also coordinates "PenPal" correspondence with inmates sent to state institutions from counties in the Diocese of Santa Rosa.  The "PenPal" program pairs inmates with correspondents living in the outside world who can provide encouragement, hope and connection to them through correspondence.  At an inmate's request, a volunteer correspondent is assigned and linked to the inmate, with all correspondence flowing through the CRJM Office.  


For more information about any of these programs, please contact us.

Institution Statistics - PBSP

Inmate Population (as of Sept. 30, 2013)
Total: 2,715
General Population: 983
SHU: 1,179
Psychiatric Services Unit: 115
Enhanced Outpatient Unit: 34
Administrative Segregation Unit: 244
Minimum Support Facility: 127
Firehouse: 7
Infirmary: 9

Custody: 954
Non-custody: 480 (includes health care)

Operating budget for FY 2013/2014
$158,820,252 (does not include medical) 

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