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Sonoma County Programs for the Imprisoned


Sonoma County Main Detention Facility (MADF)


Volunteers minister to men and women confined at the MADF  and provide a wide range of programs to eligible participants, including:


  • Friendly visitation

  • Pastoral visitation and counseling

  • Religious services - liturgies of the Eucharist and Sacramental Reconciliation 

  • Catechetical instruction and sacramental preparation

  • Bible study

  • Meditation 


An innovative new program for those who cannot participate in group activities is the Sheriff's 1-2-1 Education program pairing inmates with volunteer educators who meet once weekly to discuss an academic topic of shared interest, such as mathematics, science, philosophy or literature.


For more information about these programs, contafct the MADF Program Officer or contact us.  


Sonoma County North Detention Facility (NCDF)


Fewer programs are currently available to the men housed at the NCDF, but friendly visitation, pastoral visitation/counselin, scripture study and Eucharistic liturgy are provided by our volunteers.  For further information about NCDF programs, contact the institutional Program Officer or contact us.


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